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About Us

As international buyers and seasoned quality experts, we understand the importance of quality across your global supply chain. Our mission at InspectionService.com is to help you find the right partner for that.

Here you’ll find a carefully vetted selection of top-notch inspection and audit firms, ready to secure the quality of your products or help you select the right supplier.

Simply select the type of service you need, leave your details, and sit back as quotes from multiple third party quality assurance and control firms arrive in your inbox – all free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the inspection companies are any good?2023-08-14T13:27:59+00:00

We only work with seasoned quality professionals who can give you a great experience. We thoroughly vet our partners and check their accreditations, certifications and memberships. Most are ISO 17020 certified or at a minimum ISO 9001. Additional accreditations and memberships may include ASQ, TIC, CNAS, ILAC, AQSIQ, APSCA, SEDEX and more. We also do ongoing checks and ask our users for reviews to ensure we’re only working with the very best.

Are you an inspection company/quality control service provider?2023-08-14T13:28:22+00:00

No, we’re a comparison site. We help you find the right service provider for your quality needs. The team behind InspectionService.com has several decades of combined experience in this industry and is thus well-equipped to help you find the right match.

What happens after I submit my inquiry?2023-08-14T13:28:47+00:00

After you submit your details, you’ll receive emails by up to five inspection companies that provide the service(s) you need in the selected country/countries. They may take a few hours (up to 24 generally) to get back to you but rest assured you will receive pricing and other information by these firms.

Are my details secure?2023-08-14T13:29:14+00:00

We understand how important data security and privacy is. We will only ever share the details of what you require and your contact information with the firms who quoted for you. This will never be more than five firms as we make sure to send your inquiry only to those service providers which we deem the best match for your needs.

How does InspectionService.com make money?2023-08-14T13:29:35+00:00

We are a free service to help people find an inspection company. Our business model is based on a small fee being paid by the inspection companies to appear on our site and/or for each lead they receive. They all pay the same, and no company is given preferential treatment or priority. We recommend service providers to you based on their service offerings and presence in certain countries. Nothing else.

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