Factory Improvement

Upon receipt of an audit report and the accompanying Corrective Action Plan (CAP), the conclusion of the audit marks just the initiation of our collaborative efforts to enhance the standards of your supplier’s factory. The primary objective of any supplier audit program is the enhancement of their processes, quality management system, ethical compliance, structural safety, and/or environmental management within your suppliers’ facilities. Factory Improvement Services can be meticulously crafted to fulfil this purpose.

Our service providers generally adhere to a standardized audit path, centering on the Corrective Action Planning process to effect enduring and sustainable improvements. Clear timelines and chains of responsibility are established to guide this process. Aligning with the audit findings, experts actively support the implementation of CAPs and Improvement Programs, offering comprehensive assistance to both you and your supplier throughout the entire journey. Additionally, an in-depth analysis of the root causes behind existing non-compliances is conducted, guiding the factory in taking necessary measures to eradicate these issues and prevent future lapses.

Ensuring the implementation of the actions outlined in the CAP requires consistent follow-up. Service providers will assist in establishing effective communication with your suppliers, actively involving them in the quality and compliance management process to ensure that the changes made contribute to enduring improvement. Follow-up audits, conducted at predefined intervals post the initiation of the improvement program, offer a real-time assessment of the supplier’s progress and help identify any remaining gaps or areas of concern.

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