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When there are issues with certain units in a production lot, a Sort Inspection (SI) can be conducted to separate the defective units from the good ones. This type of activity can be performed at the factory, a distribution center, warehouse, or any other location. The purpose of the SI is to identify and separate units that have unwanted color variations, cracks, chips, scratches, missing components, coating issues, mold damage and more.

Inspectors will thoroughly review all of the products in a particular production lot to determine which units are acceptable and which are defective. A detailed report is then provided, indicating the results of the sort. If the sorting process requires a certain technical proficiency, make sure to request the inspection company to work with qualified resources.

By conducting a Sort Inspection, a buyer will maximize the number of non-defective units shipped or sold, and improve customer relations by reducing returns. These types of inspections may be essential to ensure that high-quality products reach your customers.

Sort Inspections are crucial when there are specific problems with certain batches of a shipment. This process enables you to:

Separate all defective units

Obtain an accurate count of acceptable and defective units

Move forward with only the acceptable units

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